Our Mission

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Our Company outgrew a system developed by Technologies in the mid-nineties to deal with a requirement for getting faxes that we had at the time. Believing that it would be convenient to get our faxes by e-mail, we developed a fax-to-email system utilizing a single analog phone line, and used it internal for a number of years.
In 1998, recognizing that there was a need for such a service; we scaled-up the system, included a fax-sending ability, and started providing the service to the general public. The service was among the very first of its kind, and a few of the users that registered for the service at that time are still users of the service today.
Fast-forwarding to 2016 - Our Company is now used by countless customers varying from specific users and little workplaces, to big companies and Fortune-500 business. E-mail has actually given that exceeded faxing as a main ways of composed interaction for the majority of companies, we continue to see first-hand that faxing stays a crucial kind of interaction for lots of. We process countless faxes yearly for our customers, and we continue enhance the system and include improvements and brand-new functions to the service frequently.